David Procter Title NIKE NTC 01 London to Paris 02 Neil Young - On Stage TCWADF_TEMPLE_PRAM_815 BMW Still 01 The Corridor 06 Red Sands - Bull Solace 01 The Corridor 04 Karosta - Beach Shadow Karosta - Horror Karosta - Trees IsolationPosterLR
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Karosta: Life After The USSR

Ivory - Dir: Peter King

The City with a Dirty Face

Ivory - Dir: Peter King

Touching Namibia (Pilot)

Agenda - Dir. David P

London to Paris

LAS - Dir. Grace Ladoja

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Nike NTC - The Noisettes

LAS - Dir: Grace Ladoja

Neil Young - Live at the Apollo

Crossroads - Dir: Tim Pope

BMW - Form & Funtion - Louis Smith

2ndUnit MadCow - Dir: Richard De Aragues


Edinburgh Int. Film Festival - World Premiere

Panormama - Camerimage Festival for the Art of Cinematography


IFE - Dir: Luke Seomore & Joseph Bull

Isolation - Stuart at Window

London Int. Documentary Festival - World Premiere

Nominated for Cinematographer's Debut - Camerimage

The Corridor

Agenda - Dir. David P

Red Sands

Agenda - Dir: David P


Somesuch - Dir: Luke Seomore & Joseph Bull